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I'm a lifetime resident of Southwest Michigan and have a network of partners across the country. I received a Bachelors and Masters of Social Work from Western Michigan University, with a concentration in Policy, Planning and Administration.  I started my career as a community organizer where I learned that community voice and a strong analysis of power are central to moving the greater good forward. As a values-centered leader, I help clients align interpersonal goals with outcomes.

Carrie Pickett-Erway 

Experience Rooted in Trust & Transformation​


While at the Kalamazoo Community Foundation (KZCF), I learned many practices that advance our shared humanity, such as Trust Based Philanthropy, racial healing and conflict transformation.  Throughout my 23 years, as an intern, program officer, and ultimately as CEO, I experienced the transformative power of philanthropy.  My roles at KZCF allowed me to, directly and indirectly, develop new business ventures for the Foundation and our community, launching over 20 initiatives and creating sustainable funding models.  I led the Leadership team, strategic planning, and board development.  We expanded and diversified our staff and volunteer roles, transforming the relationship with and representation of our community.


I've held multiple roles and help my clients see complexity and partnership in decision making. 

My experiences as a board member with local and national organizations helped me see the value and responsibility that philanthropy has, to partner with nonprofit organizations to leverage their wisdom.  Work with my own board taught me the importance and strength of engaging champions for the organization to accelerate growth.

I can share insights about role clarity and accountability with my clients. 


I am a visionary leader, with strong skills in strategy, coalition building, and mobilizing partners.  I am a catalyst, energized by bold ideas, and able to activate the strengths in others to execute a plan.  I’m very relationship focused and try to appropriately bring fun and play into the challenging work of systems change.

I can design challenging with joy, so that it is sustainable, personally and for organizations. 

The nonprofit sector and field of philanthropy is desperate for the leadership and applied knowledge required to advance equity.  Not every organization is ready to take the next step when the next step is needed.  I can be helpful in positioning leaders and organizations with skills and confidence to execute deep and lasting impact. Learn more about my approach to coaching here.

I understand pacing the work, and the developmental stages for better learning. 

I am an Intercultural Development Inventory® (IDI) Qualified Administrator.  I trust the science behind this tool, and also recognize that its a personal journey that requires reflection, understanding, support and tools.  Individuals and teams benefit from understanding where they are.  I can help organizations understand the value of this tool, and avoid the judgement that can sometimes accompany labels.

 I can help my clients build a plan for growth. 

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Distribute power, resources and opportunity fairly regardless of identities or circumstances of birth.  Recognize that racism is real, influence systems to be responsive when injustice exists. Live in the world, in a way that recognizes and corrects for historical harm, and demonstrates accountability.

Value the full presence of others, as they are, without judgment.  Hold our shared humanity, especially during difficult moments. Extend patience and forgiveness when appropriate.

Leverage the power of togetherness, find, and support relationships that strengthen us.  Intentionally work to strengthen bonds and bridge differences.


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