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Hills and Valleys
Cornerstones of Coaching
by Carrie Pickett-Erway

We all have wisdom within us, that can be activated with thoughtful questions, courage to be vulnerable and a safe space for discovery.

 We all have work to do; the illusions of perfection, finishing, completion, are detrimental to the growth process.  We should not allow regret and shame about our flaws to become a distraction from the important work of learning and applying our wisdom. 

 This work takes work.  Growth is not easy, seeds must break through outer shells, destroying what was to achieve its destiny.  Support from others can help, but others cannot do your work for you.  Being prepared, taking responsibility, vulnerability, transparency, and fully engaging are responsibilities of the learner.

 Identities and lived experience matter.  We are all shaped by how the world engages with us based on our identities.  As a white, CIS gender woman, the world has afforded me privileges.  It has also harmed me in direct and subtle ways. I recognize that racism is real, and that several social and political constructs cause harm to people and communities.  This context matters.

 Personal growth and professional growth are entwined.  Goals may be framed as professional milestones; however, it cannot be achieved without the whole of our being participating. 


Becoming a strong, grounded, focused person leads to better leadership.
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